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Light Slewing Bearing

The light slewing bearing has the same structure with four point contact ball slewing bearing, but the weight is light and could be used for some light type machinery applications. It could save some cost if the load capacity is low. The materials of the light load slewing ring are mainly 50Mn, 42CrMo and C45. The light duty slewing ring is low profile and has an excellent performance. With the open center, slewing bearings become ideal structural components.

As a professional manufacture that produces light slewing bearing rings, we have passed CCS, BV’s type approval and ISO9001:2008 quality system and is the leading exporters in the field of slewing bearings in China. Our light slewing rings are more flexible to rotate and are easy for maintenance, which have been exported to 65 countries; this is the result of our attention to quality and service.

The light slewing bearing ring has been widely used in many applications:

light slewing ring bearing.png


        1. Food machinery

        2. Canning machinery  

        3. Environmental machinery

        4.Car parking systems, etc

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